Natural Healing

Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese Healing Art that supports and strengthens the body’s innate, natural ability to heal and rebalance itself. It works on the whole person – not only with the physical body, but also with the interrelated psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of being that make up the health of the whole person.
Shiatsu incorporates the same points used in acupuncture and is a deeply relaxing experience with receivers often discovering new levels of particularly deep restoration and unification within.

SOUND THERAPY: Every body atom, cell, organ and system has its ideal state of vibration or harmony. Sound can diagnose parts of the body that are not resonating harmonically or in tune to its natural state of vibration and induce a process by which the body begins to naturally retune itself in response to a specific external vibration. Treatments are deeply relaxing and sometimes people may choose a to allow a ‘healing cleanse’ whereby they allow the body to release past, repressed emotions in a safe, experienced, professionally held space.
QUARTZ CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS: These bowls are 99.99% pure Quartz Crystal and resonate at specific notes of the musical scale, which In turn resonate to the body’s 7 Major energy centers.